Not too Simple! Not too Complication!

Web Development

We can develop e-commerce websites, build content management system and blogs, using the Go Programming, we find it to highly robust and quite predictable compared to competing languages on the web. We take great pride in great design, to the point we were not even satisfied with the existing framework on the market, so we developed our own web framework and is built on top of Google Go http library which is used by many and ultimately is tried and tested.

Web Design

We are currently experimenting with a combination of CSS and SVG, we are aware of the current trend which is flat design, we actually see that as a revolution because it’s fit in quite nicely with CSS and SVG, it’s make optimising for the high resolution displays a lot easier, just don’t take our word for it, take out your iPad with retina display and browse, than you will see where we are coming from. We use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for Web Design.

Software Development

As we develop with Go, we can currently developed command line application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, in the near future we are hoping to be able to do GUI based applications for those three platform, as for right now Go is not ready for that yet. We find it awesome that one language can cover Web and Software Development, but still have to use JavaScript for client-side, however we thought Go resemble JavaScript pretty nicely in terms of variable declaration.

Support and Service

We will always be there to support you especially if something does go wrong. We can also help you with setting up Wi-Fi and Radius, yes we have the skills to do things like that, you can never be too high on network security. We do SEO, but it is not something we obsess about, Google tends to change the search engine algorithm at a pace we honestly can’t compete with, so we would rather spends time meeting the client demands. We do take great pride in integrity.