Why I chose not to use Wordpress?

03/03/2018 12:55 GMT

First off I don’t really hate Wordpress, I’m perfectly aware that it’s is a very popular blogging platform. I just don’t think the platform is for me, there are various reasons why?


Wordpress contains many features, most of them I probably won’t need for example the revision system, well I got Google Docs for that and therefore I didn’t implement that on my bespoken system, because I felt that the revision system would of added stress to the database, I like to keep the database nice, clean and easy to maintain, I just respect the database. I use postgres and mongodb, wordpress forces me to use MySQL which is not really my cup of tea.

I also didn’t implement the comment system by myself, as I thought that would of been too risky for me, I have used a third party comment system (disqus) as I felt that would provide me better protection against spambots.

Wordpress allows user to use HTML directly, I would not trust anyone to use HTML via a web interface, I wouldn’t even trust myself, I’m only human just like everybody else. My own system does not allow anyone to use HTML, it’s use markdown instead.

Plugins and Upgrades

Wordpress in it’s vanila state is very inefficient and does not really scale very well, so you have to make use of cache plugins. So I thought it would of been better just to build my own system and have it’s efficient and scalable from day one, it’s does make use of caching and cdn (provided by cloudflare). Also it’s written in Golang rather than PHP, and it’s really fast even in comparison to Node.js. Link

Also many of the plugins authors are not technically fully fledged developers, so you really have to be careful about who you trust, otherwise your site will easily get hacked and compromise in a short space of time.

Because I work for a company and I’ve a life to attend to, I don’t have the time to vet what is a good plugin and what is a bad one.

It’s nice that you can upgrade wordpress from inside the admin panel, however if you’re not careful you can break the whole site completely, so it’s always a good idea to keep a backup of the site.


As I said I don’t hate Wordpress, I have used an established product as I mentioned earlier Google Docs. Bare in mind that computer programming is still relatively new compared to carpentry, you will have a fair chance of finding an established product that is very sloppy and who knows, you might be using a sloppy product without even knowing. It’s not just Wordpress. :)

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