My Position on Religion

03/04/2018 13:05 BST

Ever since my childhood, although I did pray at school (they kind of force me to, I never like my school) I have never been much of religious person, nowadays I just see myself as an agnostic-atheist, I have never seen any good scientific evidence of the existence of at least one god; however I do believe there is a possibility of life in space but in a form of aliens on another planet, it’s obviously going to be a planet that is over 100 light-years away, might be in a same galaxy as us (the Milky Way) or a different galaxy, who knows? of course we got photographics evidence of other galaxy existing on google, they all came from the hubble telescope built by NASA take you pick.

How the Universe was created? Well as a Computer Scientist I would find that question very tricky to answer, but I’m pretty sure that the answer is not in the bible, I would rather link to article to the article written by Stephen Hawking (Link) and it’s a very complex article, it’s about more than four pages long.

As for the Bible, like the information on the Internet, it’s can be written and published by anyone, even for all the wrong reasons, have a look at the same can be said about Quran, here a video from Christina Rad (Link), it’s very disturbing. It’s not limited to those two religion.

I have seen many video on YouTube, I seen video of evolutionist disproving creationism and vice versa, the former tends to get very good rating (or likes), while the latter not so much. If you don’t believe me that is cool, you can judge the rating for yourself. Here a playlist of Thunderf00t’s Why do people laugh at creationists? (Link) The creationist even abused the votebots (Link), I wonder why they did that? What was their agenda? I have also look at creationist video channels, half of them disabled the rating. What are they hiding? I don’t know, I don’t care! A lot of evolutionist are atheist and some are religious, while creationism tends to be highly religious.

The creationists like to do a lot of quote mining (Link) as well, which is I find quite annoying and misleading. I’m also not a fan of seeing quote without citation, it’s just not cool, it’s designed to fool those who just don’t bother to use google search, just taking it’s at face value.

Right now I think I just conclude, and say I will not get too involved with religion and creationism. I really do have low opinions with creationism, I don’t like pseudoscience, I leave it’s at that. Religion is fine as long as you don’t interfere with the interest of others. I just don’t like the idea of following the strict rules of religion for the rest of your life, it’s just does not sound healthy to me. You’re more than welcome to say something in the comment section.

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